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Attorney’s Nossiff & Giampa, PC are skilled workers compensation lawyers serving New Hampshire, Massachusetts & Maine. With over 30 years of workers comp experience the law firm can walk you through the process of filing for a workers compensation claim.  Attorney Nossiff has helped thousands of employment disputes and wage disputes and can guide you with your work injury claim. Contact the law office for a free case evaluation.workers compensation lawyer in Amesbury MA

What is Workers Compensation?

The Massachusetts and New Hampshire Workers’ Compensation Boards are a place to make sure that workers are protected by insurance, if they are injured on the job or contract a work-related illness. Under this system, employers are required by Massachusetts law to provide workers’ compensation (WC) insurance coverage to all their employees. The insurance pays for any necessary medical treatment related to the injury, and also pays a partial compensation for lost wages, after the first five days of disability. By having this insurance, your employer is protected from being sued by you because of the injury. You may, however, sue a third party, in a civil suit, in some rare instances. If your claim is contested by the insurer, of if you do not get all the benefits you feel entitled to, or if you have other problems getting your workers’ compensation benefits, we can help you. This will briefly describe what to expect if you are injured on the job. It will tell you what your responsibilities are and what the responsibilities of your employer and its insurance company are.

How To File for Workers Compensation

A workers compensation lawyer can answer your questions about workers’ compensation benefits and let you know the correct procedures to follow to receive these benefits. It is important that you keep any documents your employer or its insurer sends you, and copies of any forms they have you fill out for them. If you call our information line, please have these forms available, along with a pen or pencil and some notepaper. It would also be helpful to write out your questions in advance, so you don’t forget to ask any questions you might have. This briefly explains your rights and responsibilities under the workers’ compensation law. After you read it carefully, you should have a good basic understanding of how our system works. It would be in your best interest to consult with a workers compensation lawyer in Massachusetts to review all of your options before filing.

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